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Bio: ※Our Factory
Ningbo libang tools was founded in 1996, with an understanding that the hand tool industry still had plenty of untapped opportunities to explore. The Company sought to discover how every tool could be improved upon or enhanced in a unique fashion to fit the needs of today’s consumers. Innovation became the Company’s core focus resulting in solid business relationships in today's market.
we major in producing various kinds of screwdrivers, tool handles and other plastic tools. After more than twenty years of development, it has been developed to cover an area of 16000 square meters with more than 73 people.The manufacturing department includes four workshops of the hardware, injection, printing, and packing. We are especially good at making bicolor or multicolor plastic materials injection, as we have a group of professional technicians experienced in mold research and product design.

We win the clients' trust and love depending on the dependable quality, every batch of our products have achieved or surpassed the US-Canada area ANSI standard and Europe supervises DIN standard. We have already obtained VPA/GS product quality authentication certificates. In addition, all the materials we are using now have passed ROHS/PAHS examination.

Our products are sold far to Europe and America. Our product sales network reaches tens of nations and regions. We wish to cooperate sincerely with friends from home or abroad to create a more beautiful tomorrow together.
※Our Product
1. Screwdriver single
2. Screwdriver set
3. Combination tool set
4. Precision screwdriver set
5. Screwdriver bit
6. Other hand tool
7. drill cases
8. plastic cases
※Product Application
Domestic Market
※Our Certificate
European BSCI authentication The home depot audit (USA)2 In 1 Screwdriver manufacturers
Sex: Undisclosed